Logic and Modelling

Jörg Endrullis
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

General Information and Overview
Introduction to Propositional Logic
Natural Deduction for Propositional Logic
Propositional Logic: Soundness and Completeness
Natrual Deduction for Propositional Logic in ProofWeb
Introduction to Predicate Logic (including informal introduction to Semantics)
Natural Deduction for Predicate Logic (including ProofWeb examples)
Semantics of Predicate Logic
Semantics of, and translation into, Predicate Logic
Predicate Logic with Equality
Modal Logic
Applications of Modal Logic
Modal Logic: Correspondence of Formulas and Properties of Frames
Meta-theorems of Predicate Logic
Undecidability and Incompleteness of Predicate Logic
Program Logic
Queries and Databases