\frametitle{Final Exam and Final Grade}
  \begin{goal}{Assignments (ProofWeb Practicum)}
    You need to solve
      \item 50\% of the propositional logic tasks
      \item 50\% of the predicate logic tasks without equality
      \item 1 of the predicate logic tasks with equality assigned
  \alert{\textbf{Passing the practicum required for exam participation!}}

%   \begin{goal}{Final Exam}
%     Covers everything that we have treated in the lectures
%     and the parts of the book that you are expected to read.
%   \end{goal}
%   \pause\medskip
  \begin{goal}{Final Grade}
    The final grade for the course is:
      \item \emph{final exam grade}
      \item plus a maximum of 0.5 bonus points from the \emph{practicum}