\begin{frame}{Course Structure}
    \item \emph{2 lectures per week} (Tuesday and Thursday)
    \item \emph{2 exercise classes per week} (Monday and Wednesday)
    \item \emph{Homework}:
        \item 80\% of the homework in an online system\\
          (you will receive an email with activation link today)\\
        \item 20\% of the homework written assignments\\
          (one written assignment at the end of the course)
        \item \emph{50\% of homework points to qualify for the exam}
        \item \emph{90\% of homework points for 0.5 points bonus}
%       \medskip
%     \item \emph{practicum}: (non obligatory)
%       \begin{itemize}
%         \item \emph{groups of two!}
%         \item writing a small program interpreter in Java using ANTLR
%         \item 20\% of the final grade if it improves the final grade
%       \end{itemize}
    \item \emph{Written exam}